The department of Chocó is one of the Colombian territories most affected by the scourge of violence, according to Fides News Agency. The Bishops of the dioceses of Quibdó, Istmina-Tadó, and Apartadó, together with the social and ethnic-territorial organizations, have published a new statement in which they once again denounce “the difficult moment we are experiencing due to the systematic denial of rights and violation of international humanitarian law”.

In the context of the Week of Peace, which is celebrated in Colombia from 6 to 13 September, they denounce the effects “that the lack of State presence causes on our people and on the territory, the increase in attacks by armed groups and the corruption that slows down the community development”.

They, therefore, express solidarity “with the brothers and sisters of our territories and other regions of Colombia”, who are plagued by the assassinations and intimidation of leaders, women leaders, and communities, by the recruitment of minors, by the installation of anti-personnel mines, by the exploitation of young people and women, imprisonment, kidnapping, extortion, targeted assassinations, displacement, loss of community autonomy and territorial disputes for economic and political interests.

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