Faced with the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the missionary Church shows its unanimous will to remain on mission, among the people.

The Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) of Spain are launching an international video in which missionaries from all over the world and representatives of the local Churches of mission territories join their voices to send a message of hope to the world, reported Fides News Agency. This video, an initiative of various national Directions of the Pontifical Mission Societies, invites to “warm up the engines” on the way to World Mission Day, which will take place on October 18 around the world.

“The world has changed and everything seems uncertain … Lives have changed …”. Thus begins the video #WeAreStilHere (# SeguimosAquí), which shows various missionaries and representatives of mission territories in a united way. “But let us tell you one thing: one thing is certain. We will not leave”, it continues. “We will not give up, because we are missionaries. With God there nothing is impossible”. They, therefore, conclude with an invitation to participate in their work.

Praise the Lord

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