Even if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is NOT nominated by POTUS (in fulfillment of his duties and rights under the US Constitution), she is already being attacked by the catholic Left.  She deserves a good name, but catholic lefties have sold themselves to the Dark Side, including Big Business Abortion.

One attack on Judge ACB came from Massimo “Beans” Faggioli.

Beans is a professional bomb thrower on the faculty of Villanova.  Beans hails from a deeply Communist region of Italy. His M.O. is to launch flaming bags of poo at people and then watch the clicks roll in on his social media. He aspires to capture glances from the high ups of what I call the New catholic Red Guards.  His uncritical papalotry reflects a longing for acceptance among the cadres.  Perhaps, who knows, he may one day receive his own little mandarin hat and dicasterial desk one day.

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