Our Blessed Mother Mary is known by many gracious and descriptive titles, including “The Theotokos” (The God-Bearer); Our Lady of Grace; Our Lady, Help of Christians; Our Lady, Undoer of Knots; among others—and “Mother” most appropriately. On this day, she is venerated as Our Lady of Sorrows.

It may seem rather odd to devote ourselves to a sorrowful mother. How does one find solace in a being so seemingly full of woe? But as with all things Marian, in this mode Mary of Nazareth continues to personify the perfection of humanity for us. 

We should look to her not only for her premiere example of motherhood, of receptivity, and of femininity, but also an example of full humanity itself. Within her, we find the human condition par excellence, and in her person we are meant to see redeemed humanity. Indeed, today we contemplate  how sorrow is part of Christian perfection.

Praise the Lord

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