“Pope Francis has sent a ventilator for the intensive care unit as a gift. It is a blessing for us. It will be very useful for assisting coronavirus patients”: says to Agenzia Fides Father Kamal Corraya, Executive Director of the St. John Vianney Hospital of Tejgaon in Dhaka. Father Kamal says: “We are receiving reports of coronavirus patients. Our medical team provides advice over the phone to people infected with Covid-19, following isolated patients at home”.

The Holy See sent three ventilators to Bangladesh to support the fight against the coronavirus: one was sent to St. John Vinney Hospital, two others were sent to two Catholic hospitals in Dinajpur, and Jessore.

The “invisible enemy” of Covid-19 has also hit Bangladesh: “During this pandemic – notes Director Kamal – St. John Vianney Hospital has done its best to help infected people who suffer. Thanks to the agreements reached with the Health Department of the Government of Bangladesh, our hospital collects samples of coronavirus and sends them for tests to the Institute of Epidemiology, control, and research of diseases. Our doctors keep in touch with Covid-19 positive patients and advise them, motivate them, and provide them with the necessary instructions. It is a great support especially for the poorest. Over the past few months, we have collected samples for hundreds of people and have provided and continue to carry out tests regularly. We are about to open a new operating room which will soon be fully active. Our hospital is open and provides medical care to anyone who requests it”.

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