I have been subscribed to Cameron Bertuzzi (a Protestant apologist who runs a Youtube channel called “Capturing Christianity”) for a while now as part of my “focusing on kerygma” thing. I find it very refreshing to listen to Christians talk about their faith. 

I find their faith, devoid of the Magisterium and in some sense at war with Tradition, much more “raw” and focused on the Person of Jesus. 

I have found that they never-the-less rely far more on Catholic sources than they often even realise I think. Certainly more than they would care to admit. I’m not attacking that, I’m saying that at this point in history, so far removed from the Reformation and associated movements that split the Church so painfully, people are born into traditions which seek to follow Jesus in honest ways and to observe such honest faith is deeply moving to me. It moves me because I can’t help but feel that Protestant Christians do not enjoy all the benefits I do as a Catholic. Their experience is born of a paring down of Christianity to fundamental elements. This means they miss out on much of the beauty, the intellectual foundations and traditions and the supernatural help gained from the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

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