Where did the summer go? Is it really the beginning of fall? Fall will feel much different this year. It brings all kinds of new concerns. Will there be a second wave of COVID 19, with a peak in positive cases? How will the virus and the seasonal flu interact?

What about parish activities and the changes that happen in our churches? What does school look like? Is it safe for our students? What will the theatre look like? What about that concert series?

I spend a lot of my time offering spiritual direction and retreats to people. I felt privileged on our Jesuit grounds in Pickering this summer. It was usually possible to sit in the shade of a tree, a safe physical distance from someone. Fall means that it won’t usually be possible to do that outside, unless we surround ourselves with a tent and wear Canada Goose parkas. I’ve started to scout out indoor spaces at our places, looking for the ones that provide enough distance.

Praise the Lord

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