As the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) Pastoral Department develops a communications strategy as a guiding tool for child safeguarding activities, the AMECEA Secretary General Fr. Anthony Makunde has asked the consultative team to be mindful of the African culture when coming up with the document.

Addressing the responsible team on Wednesday, August 26, as the team commenced working on the communications strategy the Secretary-General said, “Let us consider our African culture as we come up with this strategy that we need in the AMECEA region to take as a guide. And let us look at it from our own local context and not be too theological.”

“Our African culture has been that of safeguarding, nurturing, and caring for children. Therefore, let us come up with a communications strategy that will help to wipe the tears of an African child which seems to be too much at this particular time.”

Praise the Lord

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