By an Anonymous Protestant Convert Struggling to hang in there…

At one point in my youth, I gave up on Christianity altogether. It happened after I walked away from a Protestant Church that had become cult-like in its adherence to its pastor. I went looking for answers, and sought solace in things like the turgid ramblings of Whitely Strieber’s Communion. In the faint hope that there might be a spiritual dimension to human reality, I also pored over books by Jeff Kripal. I searched for signs forbidden to the Faithful, such as the synchronicities reported by alien abductees and other paranormal “experiencers.” But, like a car that had run out of gas, I stalled out, and was unable to finish my journey. And to my horror, I discovered that outside my car, lying in wait, were monsters of anxiety, anger, and crippling depression.

In 2016, while working the night shift as a patrolman for a municipal police department (my profession by trade), I would frequently listen to Coast to Coast AM in a desperate attempt to fill in the hole opening up within. When it’s just you and your partner at 3:00AM, the oddball paranormal radio show is a welcome diversion. An old rerun of the late Art Bell was on, and his guest spoke words that would change my life. That guest was Fr. Malachi Martin.

Praise the Lord

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