R.I.P – Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ

A fine priest and great scholar, a true Jesuit, Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, has died of a heart attack.

I will celebrate Holy Mass tomorrow for Fr. Mankowski.

I am so sorry about his all-too-soon death. Fr. Mankowski was an unreal scholar. As a matter of fact, he contributed an important essay to the important book   Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church – US HERE – UK HERE.  This is one of the best defense of marriage there is.

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Not So United States

If you’re up for some vivid apocalyptic reading on the state of our neighbours to the south, I haven’t read as vivid a description of the current state of the United States than Tal Bachman’s. Tal is the son of Randy Bachman – of Bachman, Turner, Overdrive – and has had a few hits himself, including the crooning lovesick ballad, ‘So High Above You’. But here, he’s in full Jeremiad, making one think what good even a Trump victory might do.

And if the mummified Biden gets in, and Kamala gets power…well, Mad Max, beyond Electoral-dome, here we come!

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