On his visit to our college a number of years ago, the Jesuit scholar Father Koterski mentioned a book that he described as the ‘most influential he has ever read’, his fellow Jesuit’s Father Paul Quay’s “The Mystery Hidden for Ages in God”.  Upon his effusive recommendation, I made a resolve to read the book, and this article, adapted from a talk I recently offered, is my attempt to describe its contents and mission.

True to his word, the book is, amongst many adjectives one could bring to bear, influential.  It is also erudite, broad, comprehensive, insightful, systematic, and, yes, from a Jesuit, highly orthodox.  I found myself agreeing almost all the way through, perhaps not agreeing with all, but with most.

I must confess that it is difficult in such a summary to know what to leave out.  Father Quay’s book is 425 pages long, with small print, lots of footnotes, and dense prose.  Some bits are difficult going, other quite easy and readable, but all of it theologically, philosophically and culturally rich.

Praise the Lord

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