“The life of Peter To Rot is an example of good seed, a firm rock, a commitment of faith and courage, especially during times of war and Japanese occupation. Courage is the strength of the mind, enlightened and supported by the grace of God, capable of overcoming any challenge life presents us. Peter To Rot showed us the way”: said Father Joseph Liaia, CP, during the mass celebrated in St. Joseph Parish in Boroko, commenting on the parable of the seed, present in Matthew’s Gospel, applying it to Peter ToRot (1912-1945), catechist, family man, and martyr, first blessed Papuan.

The celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the beatification of Peter To Rot presided over by Pope John Paul II in 1995, and for the 75 years of his martyrdom, which occurred in 1945, continue in Boroko, reported Fides News Agency.

The Church of Papua New Guinea is seeking new impetus starting from the testimony of the groom and man of faith of Blessed To Rot, who encourages couples and all families, said the priest, “to live marital relationships and commitments to God, allowing good seeds to grow with sweetness, patience, respect, and trust in the Lord always, and especially during times of difficulty and uncertainty”.

Praise the Lord

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