There were four of us. We needed some refreshments. Now remember, in Britain, in very hot weather, refreshments could mean a hot cup of tea. So I went to the kiosk, not a hundred yards away from where we were, to get said refreshments. They serve tea in polystyrene cups with a lid to keep the content piping hot. To help carry the cups they have small cardboard trays with four holes. You put the four cups in the four holes, you put individual sachets of sugar and milk in the middle and hey presto … you can carry four cups at a time and not burn your fingers holding the cups. I decided also to get four choc ices. Why not? These are chocolate bars that look very much like a Mars bar only twice the size. It is covered with chocolate and inside its lovely ice cream. I could not carry the four choc ices in the tray. The heat from the tea would melt them. So I put them in my shorts pockets – two in each pocket. I was only a few yards away, anyway!

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