As reported by Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter), it seems that Bp. Robert Barron highly-visible, media-prelate, Auxiliary of Los Angeles,

… hosted an invite-only meeting of Catholic media professionals last week to discuss “disturbing trends in the online Catholic world,” including the rise of “radical Traditionalist” movements that are often [?] marked by personal attacks and vitriolic commentary.

Personal attacks?!? He would do better to start with those site which manifestly, repeatedly, shamelessly undermine the teachings of the Church and cause scandal, such as the very Fishwrap reporting this non-transparent, secretive meeting!  They could start with the positively “venomous” Michael Sean Winters, who wrote that he wants to watch people with whom he disagrees die, he doesn’t think converts should have a voice in the Church, and tries to get people fired from their jobs.

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