Yesterday it was reported that Bishop Barron had a private meeting with various Catholic media providers to discuss the growing influence of “radical traditionalists” in the online Catholic world.

It should be concerning to the Catholic hierarchy.

It is easy to dismiss the online Catholic world as a silly past time for computer nerds of a pious temperament, but this is to overlook the huge global reach of the internet. To get an idea of the impact of conservative Catholic communicators you can check their YouTube views. Church Militant has 187,000 subscribers. Taylor Marshall has 223,000 subscribers. Taylor’s most popular video boasts 1.3 million views, and whenever he posts a new video it immediately garners upwards of 60,000 views and more. At LifeSite News John Henry Westen has 125,000 subscribers and his videos can grab up to over 100,000 views. An example is a video about a coronavirus plot for one world government. Curiously, this is posted alongside a similar video by Protestant fundamentalist pastor John Hagee also warning about a conspiracy for a one world government linked with the coronavirus. Pastor Hagee’s video has 2 million views.

Praise the Lord

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