For the Regular Catholic Curious About Tradition

Dear Fellow Catholic,

I know the past few months – really, the past few years – have been pretty tough. With the situation at your local parish changing during the pandemic, perhaps you’ve been livestreaming a Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) on television out of curiosity, or maybe you’ve even headed down to the closest TLM chapel that’s still offering a liturgy you can actually still go to, or perhaps even more importantly, Communion on the tongue. (Even better, you get to do it kneeling.)

I don’t know how much you know about the TLM, so I don’t know how comfortable you are with any of this. That’s what I wanted to write to you about today. You may know that traditionally-minded Catholics can get passionate about their liturgy, but this is not a polemic. It’s an invitation, and, I hope, a helpful guide on how to get started.

Praise the Lord

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