I Got a Robe! A Teaching on One of the Most Shocking Parables Jesus Ever Told

The Gospel from Thursday’s Mass (Thursday of the 20th Week of the Year) contains one of the most shocking parables Jesus ever told. It is the Parable of the Wedding Feast from the Gospel of Matthew, and it tells the story of a king who gives a wedding banquet for his son. Most know it well, but in case you want to review it, the full text is available here: Parable of the Wedding Feast

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Fishwrap is openly pro-abortion – ACTION ITEM!

It will not surprise you that Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) has come down firmly in the pro-abortion camp.   One of its most important, show-cased writers, the disciple of Sr. Margaret Farley, the open lesbian Jamie Manson.

This could be next to the entry for “scandal” in an Illustrated Dictionary of catholic Insanity.

Jamie picks up where Heidi left off (praising the nutty extremist AOC and calling her the future of Catholics):

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Christians in Beirut Defy Landgrabbers

Christians in Beirut have responded with defiance amid reports that groups seeking to profit from last week’s explosion are trying to persuade them to sell up and leave.

After the latest estimates suggested that 300,000 families were displaced by the blast on 4th August, Monsignor Toufic Bou-Hadir described how people – including the elderly – are opting to keep their damaged homes rather than accept offers to sell their properties.

In an interview with Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), which is providing emergency aid for victims of the blast, Mgr Bou-Hadir said: “There are people trying to profit from this catastrophe and buy land and homes from the Christians.”

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