A joyous Independence Day to all our American readers, one that may be more muted than days of yore in the troubled United States. There are any number of factions developing in the once-United States, but all can be traced back to those who accept the Christian principles underlying the republic, from those who have rejected them – but, even here, can a nation ever truly persist without being undergirded by the fullness of truth that Christ offers in the Catholic Church? Did the over-exaltation of ‘independence’ into individualism sow the seeds, however, subtly, for what we are now witnessing? Many of the business owners whose businesses are being torched sent their children, at great expense, to universities and colleges where they were brainwashed – there are few other words for it in the insidious doctrine of such anarchy and destruction, a moral morass that leads only to one tragic place, unless one repents.

We can only be independent if we are free, and only free if we live in the truth which ‘sets us free’. The Didache, the early teaching of the Apostles, following that exhortation of Moses to the Israelite people, proclaims that there is a way of life, and a way of death, and a great divide exists between the two, as we are tragically discovering. Here’s hoping and praying the way of life wins out in the hearts of many, as they witness the nihilistic and destructive force of the way of death. The United States is not so united anymore –

For a bit of an uplift, as you are washing dishes or preparing a meal, is Mark Steyn’s audio celebration of a happier and more triumphant time in America – which is not that long ago, and what was, might yet be again.

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