Britain’s pro-life movement has scored a significant parliamentary victory after two amendments championed by the abortion lobby were withdrawn.

An amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill that would have effectively “decriminalised” abortion up to 28 weeks was not selected for debate by House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, while a separate amendment to would have allowed medical and surgical abortions to take place in any location if a women was in an abusive relationship was withdrawn by the MP proposing it.

Pro-life campaigners say that Labour MP Diana Johnson withdrew the second amendment after it became clear it was going to be voted down. Had it been taken to a vote and lost, it would have been the first time pro-abortion legislation had been defeated in the House of Commons.

A significant number of MPs spoke out during the debate against attempts to “hijack” the Domestic Abuse Bill, including a number who are not normally seen as being pro-life. They warned that the amendment was poorly drafted and would have had serious negative consequences for women suffering from domestic abuse, including making it easier for a woman to be forced into having an abortion.

The amendment would have allowed both medical and surgical abortions to take place in any location if a woman is in an abusive relationship.

Meanwhile, the first amendment, which was not selected for debate by the Speaker, would have radically changed Britain’s abortion laws by allowed abortion for any reason up to 28 weeks, removing nearly all safeguards.

Right to Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said: “This is a major victory for the unborn child and women facing unplanned pregnancies. These amendments would have left the unborn child with considerably worse protections and removed many of the current safeguards which protect women facing unplanned pregnancies.

“Thank you to the thousands of people that rallied over the last week to get friends and family to email their MPs. MPs received more emails ahead of this vote than they have ever received ahead of an abortion vote.

“Thank you to the amazing group of pro-life MPs in Parliament who have worked so hard to ensure that these extreme amendments were defeated.

“Thank you to the large number of organisations that have all come together to encourage their supporters to contact MPs and ensure this major attempt to introduce extreme abortion changes was defeated.”

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