Nuria is the first face that parents and young women see when they enter the door of Terral, a center dedicated to offering social and educational assistance and facilitating equal opportunities for young women and families from the neighborhood of Raval in Barcelona.

Nuria spends much of her day working in administrative tasks, but she tries to go a step further and become well acquainted with all the families. She is the one who registers the girls when they come with their families to take part in the programs at Terral. “This a good opportunity to inform them about our activities and also for me to take an interest in the families, since I think that what makes our program so special is that the families themselves are an important part of Terral,” she explains.

But now, with the health crisis due to COVID-19, the help offered is not face-to-face but by phone. “Each week I speak with all the families of Terral. Right from the start of the confinement, I was well informed about their situation and needs, whether material or psychological.

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