Pro-abortion MPs will attempt to pass an amendment to “decriminalise” terminations up to 28 weeks on Monday, in a move pro-life campaigners say would leave England and Wales with “the most extreme abortion law in Europe”.

Labour MP Diana Johnson has tabled two amendments to the Domestic Abuse bill, one to allow ‘DIY’ abortions at home on a permanent basis, the other ‘decriminalise’ abortion by repealing sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act.

If the amendment eventually became law, it would effectively leave England and Wales with no abortion law up to 28 weeks and would allow abortion on demand, for any reason including sex and disability.

The move would be the most radical change to England’s abortion law since the 1967 Abortion Act legalised the practice in limited circumstances.

Catherine Robinson, spokesperson for Right to Life UK, described the move as “abhorrent”, adding that it is “not only out of line with women’s views on abortion, which show 70 per cent want the UK time limit reduced to 20 weeks or below, but is out of step with modern science.”

“Babies born at 22 weeks are now twice as likely to survive a premature birth as they were ten years ago, with further studies showing they will lead a long and healthy life,” she added.

She also warned that the other amendment could result in women in abusive relationships suffering even more abuse.

“By permitting at-home medical abortions on a permanent basis, it will be very difficult for physicians and abortion providers to ascertain if abuse or coercion is involved.”

“Since the Government announced it would allow home abortions on a temporary basis, we have already seen a baby aborted at 28 weeks among cases of other women obtaining and taking pills past the 10-week limit,” she added.

You can contact your MP to ask them to vote against the amendment here.

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