The Catholic charity and international pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has published the report, “Life after ISIS: New challenges to Christianity in Iraq” which includes the results of a series of surveys carried out over a one year period. The study addresses the current challenges facing Iraqi Christians, who returned to their hometowns in the Nineveh Plains, after being the victims of dramatic persecution in 2014, internationally recognized as genocide.

The report warns that if the international community does not take immediate action, forced emigration could reduce the Christian population in the region within four years to 80% less than it was before the invasion of ISIS. This would move the Christian community from the category of “vulnerable” to the critical category of “endangered with extinction”.

According to the report, 100% of the Christians living in the area sense a lack of security and 87% of them even indicate that they feel it “very much” or “remarkably”. The surveys point to the violent activity of local militias and the possibility of a return of the Islamic State as the main reasons for this fear. 69% indicate this as the primary cause of a possible forced migration.

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