On this occasion, the topic was “Christian responses to the pandemic.” Eight health care workers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Italy, Nigeria and Spain took part in the discussion organized by the NGO Harambee-Africa International.

“Thank you for your reflections and information,” the Prelate said in his final words to participants, “and thanks especially for your work of service to the sick and their families. We have learned a lot listening to your experiences. It is clear that you have sought the bodily health of the sick, which is very important, but also that you have brought dignity to so many people. You have brought God’s love to many sick people and members of their families.”

Dr. Rose Segla is a gynecologist at the Wale Medical-Social Center in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast. She informed the group that “the majority of Covid-19 cases are in Abidjan, in the south of the country. You can enter or leave the city only with a safe-conduct pass.” She also stressed the need to provide special care for people who have lost their jobs or their sources of income. “In our country medical care is very expensive and there are endemic diseases like malaria which we need to continue treating. At Wale and other institutions with a Christian inspiration we are trying to assist people by reducing the expenses of the consultations, tests and medicines.”

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