(In light of the today’s feast of Saint Bonaventure, here are some thoughts on the great Franciscan cardinal, scholastic, doctor of the Church and mystic from Pope Benedict XVI, whose doctorate followed the thought of the saint’s historical theology. Bonaventure was a contemporary, collaborator and colleague of the Dominican Saint Thomas Aquinas, another ‘doctor’, and both wrote compendia of theology termed ‘Summas’.  The two saints died the same year:  Thomas, on his way to the Council of Lyons in 1274, and Bonaventure at the same Council, both asked to attend by the Pope, the greatest minds in Christendom at the time.  For various reasons, the Church has adopted Thomistic thought as the basis of Catholic theology, but Bonaventure has much, much to teach us also, as the Pope Emeritus, who completed his doctorate on Bonaventure, writes so eloquently here.  Editor)

Sancte Bonaventura, ora pro nobis!)


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