Texas’ Bishop Flores criticizes Planned Parenthood for anti-Mexican ethnic slur

CNA Staff, Jul 4, 2020 / 03:58 pm (CNA).-  

The Bishop of Brownsville, Texas has criticized Planned Parenthood and pro-choice political organizations in the state for use of anti-Mexican ethnic slur in its campaign against the reelection of pro-life state Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.

“While not surprised that Planned Parenthood would attack State Senator Eddie Lucio’s pro-life record, I am deeply discouraged that Texas Freedom Network and others would join in this malicious kind of attack, using such derogatory language to disparage him and his family,” Bishop Daniel Flores said in a July 3 statement.

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Don’t Let the Yoke Become a Burden (14.A)

I get annoyed when someone knocks priestly celibacy by saying an unmarried man can’t know anything much about marriage. That’s silly. A priest may not know marriage from the inside out, but he knows countless marriages from the outside in.

So even though I don’t preach often about marriage, I feel capable enough when I do.

But I’m not so sure of myself when it comes to preaching about suffering. I’ve suffered very little in my life so when I speak to others about their suffering, I tread very carefully.

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