He of the mustache–Frederich Nietzsche–has much to answer for. On the one hand the poor insane philosopher opened our eyes to some aspects of religion and human psychology we had never seen before. On the other hand, he made some obvious blunders which led to incredibly awful conclusions–not only in his own sad life, but also in European history.

One of the concepts he explored was resentment–or because he didn’t have a German word for it (that is interesting in itself) he used the French term ressentiment. For clarity I’ll just capitalize the English word Resentment.

Resentment is not just being sore because you lost the ball game or Suzy got a bigger piece of cake than you did. Resentment is the regular, remembrance of a grievance–but not simply remembering it, but reliving it. I call it the Resentment Loop. You know, when you have that inner conversation along the lines of, “What I should have said was…Next time I see him I’ll give him a piece of my mind…You wait and see….I’ll get back at him…I’ll show him…”

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