We are all going through a period of special stress because of the new disease that is assailing the whole world: COVID 19. I am a doctor of infectious diseases. My work involves coordinating the efforts of two hospitals and giving guidelines for the treatment of diseases.

The effort to sanctify our work that we try to live in Opus Dei has helped me immensely in this time of deep crisis. Right from the start, the first line of battle was trying to help people manage their anxiety, especially that of the health-care professionals.

I always remember the teaching of our Father [Saint Josemaria] that we need to speak the truth with clarity, but also with charity and affection. Hence the first thing I have done is to study the problem deeply in order to be well prepared technically; thus I can give the correct information with competence and clarity. But this information needs to be passed on to people with affection, always trying to bear in mind what I am saying, to whom I am saying it, and how I say it. The goal is to serve people by being strength for some, comfort for others, hope and patience for many.

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