In an extended Pastoral Message for the feast day of St Boniface (5th June), Patron of the Diocese of Plymouth, Bishop Mark O’Toole, expressed his hope that the Government “will see sense soon” and permit the opening of, at least some, Churches for personal prayer.

Reflecting on the life of St Boniface, who was born and grew up in Devon, and who became the “Apostle of Germany”, Bishop Mark urged people to learn important lessons from the life of the great saint, “during this terrible pandemic.” Having described the many hardships and struggles of the Saint, the Bishop asked people never to “underestimate the power of our witness in the faithful offering of our lives.”

Recognizing that St Boniface was an innovative communicator to the people of his day, Bishop Mark stressed the importance of the “new forms of communications” today. “Engagement with the different platforms has been vital as a means of communicating with one another, and of praying and worshipping, using these different tools,” he said, in this time of pandemic.

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