The Bishop of Plymouth, Bishop Mark O’Toole has described the announcement of the resumption of public masses as a “return from exile”.  Citing the experience of the return of the Jewish people to worship in Jerusalem, after the Babylonian exile, Bishop Mark reflected, “These last months have been an exile for us, too.  An exile even from our own churches.  An exile from the regular celebration of the Sacraments.  An exile from the normal pastoral life of the Church”.

Urging that the “steps we must take in this return are to be gradual”, he reminded people that the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday was still suspended and asked people “to be conscious of their fellow parishioners” and to go to Mass on a day other than Sunday, if possible so that those who could only go on a Sunday would be able to attend Mass.

The Bishop asked priests to continue the live streaming of Mass, and quoted from a moving email he had received, where one person wrote:

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