As we start the process of reopening our Churches to do masses, I have been realizing how this whole pattern has been following my life journey and reconversion process to the Catholic faith.

All of us, eventually, have to leave our parents and choose how we are going to live our own lives. It is easy in our natural and normal desire to be our own person to completely reject what our parents taught us. It is easy to be extreme about what discard, and sometimes we lose more than we gain. I encourage all young people to take the time to think through and be deliberate about what you choose to embrace and what you choose to reject.

Most times it is not an all-or-nothing affair. We have much to learn from our tradition, our past and the values that have been so important to our families, churches, religions, and our countries. Equally so, it is important to look at everything with new eyes before we accept it and embrace it. It is easy to take for granted what we have been given and it is also so easy to reject things simply because it is there.

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