The year 2020 is half-finished. The remnants of civilization continue to burn, the enemies of Christ push the Overton window ever wider, and Christians are reminded more and more frequently of our uncomfortable call to crucifixion.

Things tend to accelerate as they near the abyss. Comrades! Shall we destroy a statue of a slave-owner or a statue of an anti-slavery activist? Shall we fight so-called police brutality and racial inequality, or shall we fight for the destruction of the family? There is no difference, you see — not in the minds of “trained Marxists.” All of these obstacles must fall, all must be recast as we make way for the glorious revolution.

It is here that many Christians are still making a potentially deadly mistake: they assume that these people adhere to reality, and consequently that it is possible to compromise with them and to curtail their “excesses.” They accept a ludicrous framing of the issue at hand and render themselves powerless.

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