This coming Sunday, Dads will be the centre of attention. On Father’s Day, we rightly celebrate our fathers, and do what we can to thank them just for being Dad and looking after us, offering us wisdom, serving as our role model, and so on. For those of us whose fathers have died, it is an occasion to thank God for their legacy, and pray for their eternal rest and peace.

Of course, we realize with sadness that the experience of growing up with good fathers is not universal. Often we hear commentators point to the lack of a father in the life of a child – especially when this happens through abandonment or neglect – as profoundly detrimental to a child’s development.

On Sunday we shall hear Jesus point to the Father of us all, the truly good Father who embraces everyone in a love that does not distinguish among persons. In fact, in the various Gospel accounts we hear Jesus doing this often. And no wonder. The reason he has come among us is to draw us into a relationship with himself so that we can share in his own relationship, as Son, with the Father in heaven! By his dying and rising, he has made his Father ours. This gift reaches us in Baptism when, through the union it gives us with Christ, we are made sons and daughters of the Father. God adopts us, and makes us His own!!! We all have a Father!!

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