Longtime Catholic schools leader to head Seattle archdiocese task force

Denver Newsroom, Jun 22, 2020 / 08:19 pm (CNA).- Leading education expert Father Ronald Nuzzi will head a task force for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle, with a special focus on the “ministerial covenant” that helps Catholic teachers witness to and pass on the Catholic faith.

“Catholic schools are rooted in the Catholic faith. It’s what makes them different from other private schools,” Nuzzi told CNA. “Therefore, our educators are asked to teach from this faith-based foundation.”

“At the core of the faith are the great mysteries, which root both parishes and schools in the Incarnation, the Trinity, the Paschal Mystery, and the Eucharist,” he said.

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Why All the Confusion Fear and Despair?

All around me I see Catholics who seem to be reeling in confusion, fear and despair because of the troubles we are going through right now. One reader wrote to me saying, “Where is hope? I despair because of the terrible troubles we are going through!” Others write complaining about the church leadership, the pope, the bishops and the bad priests. Still others are alarmed and afraid because of the pandemic, the social unrest, the crazy political situation and the economic uncertainty.

More worrying are those who do not know which way to turn in their faith. They see the gay mafia still covering up, still promoting their own to the highest positions. They see the bishops they thought were good bishops kow towing to the gay lobby, the leftists and the braying crowds. They see statues of saints pulled down with silence from the cowardly bishops. They see the sacraments suspended and the churches closed and they despair and fear for the future.

I’d say two things in the midst of the confusion, fear and despair. First of all, read more history. We spoiled and pampered Americans have had it easy for the last fifty or sixty years. With amazing affluence, power and freedom we’ve had it good. So we expect this to last. We expect this to be the status quo, but one of the hardest lessons to learn is that disappointment is based in wrong expectations. If you expected your life to be a comfortable little Disneyland experience your whole life, that was a wrong expectation. In fact, history shows that the poor old human race in most places and in most time periods from the beginning has been subject to plagues, disasters, warfare, strife, revolution, bloodshed, rivalry, revenge, rioting, looting and mayhem. That’s what life has been like for most human beings in most places in most times down through history.

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Catholic Charities steps in as NYC loosens eviction restrictions

CNA Staff, Jun 22, 2020 / 07:30 pm (CNA).- As New York City’s eviction moratorium expires for some people affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Catholic Charities has warned that many low-income residents may face risk of eviction.

New York City’s original moratorium on landlords evicting tenants for non-payment of rent concluded on June 20. It will be extended until August 20, but only for some people.

Antonio Garcia, director of the Preserving Housing program at Catholic Charities of New York, warned that many people in the city could be at risk of eviction. He said the evicted moratorium will be extended for those who have received unemployment benefits from the government, but not others who have been affected by the pandemic, without collecting unemployment benefits.

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Toppling statues of Junipero Serra ‘fails test’ of history, California Catholic bishops say

CNA Staff, Jun 22, 2020 / 06:40 pm (CNA).- The Catholic bishops of California have defended St. Junipero Serra, after statues of St. Junipero were torn down in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The bishops said June 22 that the saint was “ahead of his time” in defending the rights of indigenous peoples and that those who have called for statues of him to be removed or torn down “failed the test” of history.

A statue of Serra was torn down in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park June 20, along with statues of Francis Scott Key and Ulysses S. Grant. In Los Angeles the same day, rioters pulled down a statue of Serra in the city’s downtown area.

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