“Holy Trinity, A Movement of Unity”

Homily On the day we celebrate the Holy Trinity, undivided unity, we have very visible reminders, in racism and murder, of how divided we are as a human race. It’s the opposite of Pentecost, where the Church is sent to the whole world to unite it in Christ. And here we are so divided. Unity seems so elusive. Is it even possible? I absolutely believe so. With all my heart.

Praise the Lord

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Catholic priests may be feeling ‘nonessential’ during the pandemic- here’s how you can help

Denver, Colo., Jun 6, 2020 / 05:06 pm (CNA).- As restrictions meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus have forced churches to close or limit their activity in recent months, priests across the U.S. may be feeling “nonessential” as they struggle to support or even engage with their parish community, one psychologist said.

Dr. Christina Lynch, a supervising psychologist for Denver’s St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, told CNA the quarantine measures around the country may be causing priests to feel unneeded and to struggle with their priestly identity. She said priests need encouragement to overcome these challenges.

“Shepherds have been removed from their flocks, and flocks and been removed from their shepherds. They’re losing their sense of priestly identity and purpose. A newly ordained priest [told me], ‘I am not a minister without a community, and it’s been really hard,’” she said.

Praise the Lord

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