Friendly, high-fiving hands, from one person to another, has been the long-time custom of a pleasant gesture. The COVID-19 health scare has not only put a hold on that physical contact practice,but has also forced charities and charitable foundations to explore opportunities that will generate more funding than usual in order to deliver their out-reach programs and services. The Niagara […]

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Whiskey in the Ruins

This first day of June, apparently is the 525th anniversary of the invention of Scotch whiskey – Gaelic for aqua vitae – the water of life – which is what the Tironesian monk John Cor at Lindores Abbey outside of Fife first called the distilled malt liquor he had concocted in 1495.

The Scotch – now one of the most popular drinks in the world – lasted longer than the abbey, which was ransacked and destroyed by the apostate priest John Knox and his fellow iconoclasts, who smashed, burned and pillaged everything they could get their hands on in 1559, dispersing monks who remained, and leaving the noble building to fall into rack and ruin.

Lindores ABbey Distillery, outside Fife. (wikipedia.org)

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Pope Offers Ambulance for Rome’s Homeless

On the morning of Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020, Pope Francis blessed an ambulance he gave to the Apostolic Almonry for the destitute, in particular the homeless that live in the surroundings of the Vatican or in makeshift housing in Rome.

With SCV registration, the vehicle that was used for emergencies in the small state was put exclusively at the disposition of the Governorate to assist and rescue the poorest, who are “invisible” to health organisms, specified a press release.

The note stated that this gesture is made in memory of the “sad story “ of the old homeless Modesta Valenti — after whom a street in Rome is named — who died on January 31, 1983, without being rescued. Passers-by called the rescue services seeing her suffering near the Termini station, but an ambulance refused to help her because of her lack of hygiene; then several hospitals transferred the responsibility for the intervention. When the latter arrived it was too late.

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George Floyd: World Council of Churches Condemns the Violence and Calls for Justice

In the face of the George Floyd case, the World Council of Churches (WCC) condemned the violence, racism, and police brutality and made an appeal for justice to be done.

Afro-American citizen George Floyd, 46, died last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after being arrested and pinned to the ground by a policeman who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck until he was strangled and died.

The Lives of Afro-Americans Matter

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