Why did Saint Padre Pio say that the Rosary was THE Weapon?‎‎ ‎

‎”Satan wants to destroy this prayer [of the Rosary], but it will never happen” said Padre Pio. “It is the prayer of Her who triumphs over everyone and over everything. She is the one who taught it, just like Jesus taught us the Our Father.‎

‎ The holy Franciscan friar would often tell the story of a vivid dream that he had one time. He was leaning at the window of the friar’s choir, where they prayed together the Divine Office and other prayers. He saw a very large crowd that filled the space. Padre Pio asked, “Who are you? What do you want?” and the whole crowd, with one heart and voice, in a deafening and murderous tone shouted: “The death of Padre Pio!” At this point the friar realised that those whom he thought were men, were actually demons. At these words he went into the choir to pray. And then he saw the Virgin Mary approaching. With a look of motherly kindness and a deliberate gesture she placed the rosary beads in his hands. She said to him, “With this weapon it is you who will win!” And now Padre Pio could be seen with the Rosary in his hands. Immediately he saw all the demons falling flat on the ground. After some moments this scene disappeared and he found himself at the same window. He saw a large crowd. Astonished, and a little disappointed, he said to them “What? You are not all dead?” and then he asked, “Who are you?” They replied, “We are some Christians.” Relieved, Padre Pio said “You are the children and the disciples of Jesus… So come with me! Follow me and obey me! And nobody, ever, will be able to harm you.” And he added, “Always hold in your hand the Weapon of Mary, and you will get, always and everywhere, you will obtain the victory over the infernal enemies.”

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