The Vatican has recognized a second miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Francis Charles de Foucauld (Charles of Jesus) ((1858-1916), diocesan priest, thus opening the way to his canonization.

On receiving the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, on May 26, 2020, the Catholic Church recognized five miracles in all, seven martyrs and the “heroic virtues” of a baptized faithful: in fact, Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate eight Decrees that day.

A second miracle, attributed to the intercession of Charles de Foucauld took place in 2016 — year of Charles de Foucauld’s centenary — at Saumur, in the Loire region of France. It was the inexplicable survival of a workman who, working in the loft of a chapel, being “above the vault” fell on some obstacles; stones fell, he impaled himself on pieces of wood, but he got up safe and sound, said Father Vincent Artarit, priest of the Charles de Foucauld parish at Saumur to the microphone of RCF. “the workman is unscathed; he was examined by doctors in France and in Italy. They all concluded the inexplicable event of this man’s life . . . In the Charles de Foucauld parish, it is linked to the centenary, with a correlation between prayer, the spiritual life and the link between the parish and Charles de Foucauld.”

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