At the May 14, 2020, Mass for Carers at Newcastle Cathedral, Bishop Robert Byrne CO prayed for frontline workers and those who have suffered greatly as a result of the virus. He will also remember those who have died.

He reflected on how “the pandemic has made us uncertain of the future, frustrated and even downright frightened and confused” and how “it is not just a challenge to be faced, but also a call to have a faith that trusts in the Lord.”

“Our prayer this evening is not merely that we be spared the pain of this disease. We also pray that we will have the faith to come through this period, maybe battered and scarred – but with a renewed sense of God in the midst of the storms that have come down upon us. Let ask for wisdom and strength for all in leadership and in the medical services, that they can have strength to continue their dedicated service. But we also ask for the grace to face these storms, trusting that God is not curled up in a corner, asleep and unconcerned about us.”

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