Just as the apostles were united once they received the Holy Spirit, the church is united by that same spirit and not by keeping company just with those who agree on a certain interpretation of Christian teaching, Pope Francis said on Pentecost.

Celebrating Mass May 31 in St. Peter’s Basilica, the pope said that those who give in to the temptation to fiercely “defend our ideas, believing them to be good for everybody and agreeing only with those who think as we do,” adhere to a faith created in their own image and “not what the Spirit wants.”

“We might think that what unite us are our beliefs and our morality. But there is much more: Our principle of unity is the Holy Spirit. He reminds us that, first of all, we are God’s beloved children. The Spirit comes to us, in our differences and difficulties, to tell us that we have one Lord – Jesus – and one Father, and that for this reason we are brothers and sisters,” he said.

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