On Tuesday of this week I joined the trustees of the Edmonton Catholic School Division in the joyful task of filling food hampers for needy families served by our schools. What a beautiful endeavour! Families in need of support receive help regularly from many of our Catholic schools in the regular course of the school year through nutrition programmes offered to students. These children cannot come to school now due to pandemic restrictions, so the good folks at ECSD jumped into action to make up food hampers to ensure that families continue to get the needed help. They’ve been doing this for a few weeks now. On the day I assisted, over 800 hampers were filled.

Of course, nourishment of the body is not the only concern of our Catholic schools. Their primary purpose is to give sustenance as well to both mind and soul through the ministry of Catholic education. The day I participated in the assembly of food hampers fell within Catholic Education Week. This is the annual occasion to give thanks to God for the precious gift of our Catholic schools. The coincidence of events underscores rather wonderfully the ministry of Catholic schools as one of nurture. By careful and loving attentiveness to nourishing the body, mind and soul of every student entrusted to their care, the people involved in Catholic education participate in the call so to nurture students with the treasury of our faith that they become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ. Now that is a glorious calling!

ECSD personnel and Archbishop Smith helped fill hundreds of food hampers on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.Allan Au, Edmonton Catholic School Division

Praise the Lord

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