Live from Warrington, it’s Holy Thursday!Yesterday was Holy Thursday which, in my childhood, meant scrambled eggs, bacon and muffins for supper.  Our traditional Good Friday supper was eventually a salmon ring, and naturally there were always supermarket hot cross buns for breakfast.

Hot cross buns to be.B.A. and I haven’t developed a culinary tradition for Holy Thursday, but like other British people we enliven our Good Friday with hot cross buns. Of late I have baked our own hot cross buns. This year’s dough is on its second proving.

Yesterday I had a more exciting time in the garden: I raked up the weeded third of the lawn, and then I cut its grass, and then I raked it again. Then I sowed grass seed in a cross-cross pattern as the box instructed and trod it into the ground. Next I got a large jar and poured water on the lawn through a colander. Needs must–we don’t have an outdoor faucet. Then I sprinkled another jar’s worth of water on it. 

Praise the Lord

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