The fact is, y’all have me to thank for one of the most amazing scenes in Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ.

The story goes like this: after becoming a Catholic I remained living and working in England. I did some training as a script writer for movies, so one of the little writing jobs I picked up was reviewing films for a couple of Catholic weeklies. Mel Gibson had just made The Passion of the Christ and he was worried that he would not be able to find distribution for the film, so he was going around the world meeting Catholics with deep pockets who might like to help finance the movie.

He invited various folks from the London-England scene to a little private cinema in London to view the rough cut of his movie. For some reason I got an invitation. I guess because I was writing film reviews at the time, and some of the media people wanted to boost numbers. So I turned up with a friend, Steve Ryan–another American who was living in the UK at the time. As we entered the theater the buzz was that Mel Gibson would be there to talk to us after the screening. So he was. After the film was over he came out on stage and took questions and comments.

Praise the Lord

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