It is not surprising, but troublesome nonetheless, to read on social media and hear in conversations the rumblings of the blame game. “This is China’s fault and China must pay.” We hear people complaining about the leaders of communist China being liars and thieves and there are reports of Asian people being bullied, mocked and attacked.

When something goes wrong–disastrously wrong it is human nature to ask who is at fault. It’s natural to blame someone else for the problem, and very often someone else is to blame for the problem. Somebody messed up. Either intentionally or innocently they got it wrong–big time. If someone is to blame for a problem and they can help to fix it, then finding 0ut who is to blame and working with them to put it right is perfectly okay.

However, if the blame game is about scapegoating–assigning blame to another person, another race, another nationality or religious group–without real evidence and because if a visceral instinct to blame and seek revenge, then we’re on a very bad path. Finding someone else to blame and then attacking that person is the age old cycle of resentment, rivalry and revenge which ends in bloodshed and never really solves the problem. It only makes it worse.

Praise the Lord

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