The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt across the entire globe, and our sponsor sites are not exempt. Border closures, job shutdowns, and food shortages are disproportionally affecting the poorest in our global community, many of whom already face dire circumstances on the best of days. Sponsorship, thankfully, has been providing a lifeline for families in need struggling throughout this pandemic.

Even though many of our site offices are currently closed, families are still able to rely on the support of sponsorship funds. Thanks to our unique family funding model, sponsorship funds are sent directly to the bank accounts of sponsored families, so they are still able to access much-needed financial support.

“For most of our families, who are also living through the fear and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, their only source of income at this time is sponsorship funds,” says MaryAnn McKinnon, our Senior International Manager. “On top of food shortages and sky rocketing prices, the support they receive from our sponsors means that they are actually able to buy some food to feed their families. In times of crisis such as this one, the poor are always the most impacted. We are thankful that we have the mechanism of family funding to be able to send direct support to our sponsored children and their families and elders.”

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