An estimated 320,000 people in the UK are homeless. So what happens when everyone is asked to stay in their homes? And what happens to homelessness services?

Over the last few weeks, the situation has changed fast. Last month, the Catholic Herald spoke to Kieran Knights of the St Vincent de Paul society, who said that “things are changing on an hourly basis.” Knights said that food is in short supply due to people stockpiling goods at home. However, he added, “People are being marvellous. More and more people are volunteering to help so we will have more resources to help homeless people.”

The SVP has begun a “new and unique collaboration” with another Catholic charity, Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN). The two charities are communicating with Catholic communities around the country, asking “every parish and SVP conference to work together to reach out to the most vulnerable in their locality and to those in their own community, and to think particularly of their parish priest who may be elderly.”

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