Allow me to speak from the heart about the present crisis. I know I speak not only for myself, but for the vast majority of Catholic priests. We are not on vacation. We are not sitting at home playing video games. Like everyone else, we are doing the best we can to deal with an unprecedented global crisis. We want to minister to our flocks. We are broken hearted not to be with you to celebrate the sacraments. We don’t like being restricted, but we are men under obedience, and furthermore, we not only have a vow of obedience to our bishop, we try best we can to work in solidarity with our brother priests.

I am amazed and impressed by all the priests and bishops who have jumped up and worked hard to re-imagine their ministries: pumping out daily meditations, video homilies, live streamed masses, at home worship aids, fund raising for those who are unemployed and getting on the phone to parishioners–doing all they can within the restrictions to minister to their people.

It is not helping us therefore, when well meaning pious Catholic accuse us of being cowardly because we will not disobey the bishop and have clandestine masses or visit our people. It does not help us when people launch a social media gossip campaign nagging us to give them what they want when they want it how they want it.

Praise the Lord

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