Bishop Joseph Alessandro is the Catholic Bishop of Garissa, Kenya. He is Maltese, and as a Franciscan missionary, has been working in the African country for the past 14 years. In this interview with ACN, he shares his pastoral experience as a missionary, the current five years after the terrorist attacks situation in Garissa by Al-Shabab and how the Church is responding to the situation. Interview by Grace Attu of ACN Malta.

You have been working as a missionary in Kenya for many years. Can you tell us about your pastoral work and experience?

I have been in Kenya for about 14 years, in two separate periods. I have been the ordinary Bishop there since 2015. The work in the Diocese is somewhat unique because the Diocese is the largest in Kenya at 143,000km2, but the faithful are few in number because it’s a semi-desert, very close to Somalia on the Eastern part, and another part to Ethiopia.

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