Journal during coronavirus pandemic, part 3

One thing that I have noticed with being pregnant this time around is that I have had little trouble sleeping up until this point, and being able to sleep hard and well and long is feeling to me like a superpower.  I am not tossing and turning when I turn in at night.  Yes there have been days of nausea, and moments of discomfort.  But everyone in my family is very understanding of my need for more sleep.  It may be hard in some ways, but it’s just a different kind of annoying. AND I get a baby daughter out of it! Some might say I’m making light of it, but another way of looking at this moment in my life is that I reject any opportunity to complain, focus on negativity, or become consumed by fears. 

So the same could be said about the coronavirus.  It’s annoying. It’s hard.  But it’s like life. It’s a different kind of annoying.  It’s a different kind of normal. I think we can all reframe our mentality about it.  I’M NOT trying to make light of it (again), yet/and, of course we can look to the perks of this time.  It’s exhausting always being on the go, always dressing up to see and be seen. Look at this break from interaction with humanity as a chance to rest and refresh.  Please don’t dress your kids up for Mass at home. Please don’t Skype so often that you’re doing your hair and makeup everyday.  Just take a big, fat, ol’ break from these societal pressures and maybe, possibly see it as a gift.

Praise the Lord

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