“For he who is not against us is for us.” — Mark 9: 40

Ever since my conversion to the Catholic Church in 1992, I have begun every argument with Protestant disputants by justifying Her claim to be Christ’s true and only Church by adverting—after citing the plain historical fact that She is at any rate His first Church—to Her theological claim to be His mystical body as well.

As a practicing Catholic, I continue to believe that. Recently, though, I’ve been pondering the meaning of Our Lord’s words, quoted above, to His disciples. Those words, which must have been perfectly clear to His hearers during His mission on earth, may seem less so in a world in which the number of non-Catholic churches that call themselves Christian is beyond counting. They make no pretense of representing Christ’s mystical body—and no pretense either of being friends of the Church of Rome, which they denounce as their sworn enemy and defame as the Whore of Babylon.

Praise the Lord

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