Photo from walk in the neighbourhood.I went to an all-girls high school, but in my final year I met boys from all-boys schools through the teenage pro-life movement. Two or three were committed fans of the musician James Brown, who was still in prison when I met them. When he was freed on parole, I recall one or two of them running around exuberantly hollering “James Brown is free! James Brown is free!”

Well, Cardinal Pell, thank God, is now free, but I’m not running around. In fact, I feel angry. 

Perhaps the difference is that James Brown, a difficult if talented character, had received a gift (i.e. parole) whereas Cardinal Pell has been unjustly traduced, imprisoned and forbidden to say Mass for 400 days. In Brown’s case, the police and courts did what they had to do. In Pell’s case too many police and justices were political/ideological activists or crooks. Also, boisterous teenage boys who’ve seen their friends manhandled by police have thought processes different from those of middle-aged women. 

Praise the Lord

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